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Praise for Joel Heath's PEOPLE OF A FEATHER

"A lyrical examination of the link between hydroelectric power and an endangered Arctic ecosystem. Stunning underwater film... tugs at the heart. A patient ecologist and resourceful filmmaker, Joel Heath -- ensconced in a lonely icebound shack for seven years -- observed how controlled runoff from Quebec’s huge hydroelectric dams was disrupting the seasonal rhythms of the Arctic ice. Using time-lapse photography, backed by the memories and oral histories of his Inuit collaborators, he illustrates these changes (and their far-reaching implications) more clearly than any chorus of experts."
- Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

"The raw and simple scenes of Inuit life offer an elemental cinematic tension."
- The Village Voice

"Spectacular... Gorgeous... Genius. Great filmmaking - and not just for the enviro-conscious" - NOW Toronto

"Movie poetry at work… Astounding… Compelling… Entertaining" - The Vancouver Observer

"Artful and Meditative...a near mystical mix of time-lapse Arctic landscapes, marine-life photography, and interwoven imagery of present-day and historical Inuit life."
- The Georgia Straight

"Painterly images... highly cinematic instances in which traditional ways collide headlong with the modern world" - WE Vancouver

"For a movie that starts off talking about ducks, People of a Feather ends up negotiating nothing less than man's place, and our role, in the entire life cycle. It's an undeniably elegant feat, and one that could very well reframe the way you live the rest of your life."
- Postmedia News

"Beautifully put together with an artistic sensibility often overlooked in the environmental documentary department" - RedWire

"Beautifully shot.. incredible images underwater.. amazing time-lapse.. gives new meaning to the word remote" - Vancouver Sun

"Takes the audience on an arctic adventure for an eye opening look into the intricate symbiosis that exists between environmental change and cultural evolution" - The Source

"People of a Feather is a brilliant visual production, enhanced by an imaginative sound track; it also carries a warning. Heath's stunning photography will impress viewers with the toughness and vulnerability of wildlife and Inuit alike." - David R. Conn, Library Journal

"Man and wildlife contend with the turmoil wrought by civilisation's encroachment on the unforgiving Arctic, in the mesmerizing environmental documentary 'People of a Feather'."
- Jonathan Bell, The Royal Gazette

"Using time-lapse and underwater photography, director and cinematographer Joel Heath brings an austere Arctic landscape to life, capturing moments both beautiful and brutal."
- Daniel Eagan, Film Journal