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"CRITICS' PICK!  A cogent, brisk, sometimes thrilling documentary.  Mr. Crump does a terrific job of detailing the aesthetic and intellectual motivations of this loose movement. The film's generous views of spectacular works like Robert Smithson's monumental 'Spiral Jetty' and Michael Heizer's 'Double Negative' are best seen on the largest screen available." -Glenn Kenny, The New York Times

"A film that takes its place among the great art documentaries of the past half-century... filled with great moments, large and small... deftly captures the madcap ambition, grandeur and even sublimity of the works these artists created." - Eric Gibson, The Wall Street Journal

 "An involving and exciting inside look at some of the most middle-of-nowhere outdoors art ever made."
- Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"'Troublemakers' has many pleasures to offer. Works like Smithson’s 'Spiral Jetty,' De Maria’s 'Lightning Field,' and Heizer’s 'Double Negative' show how extraordinary land art can be." - Mark Feeney, The Boston Globe

"A colorful and sometimes gorgeous primer on this influential moment." - John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

"The film does something that is rare for art documentaries: It is very beautiful and dynamic itself in examining work that is challenging. It meets the subject head-on." - Patricia Zohn, The Huffington Post

"A thrilling and revealing look at the creators and myths of land art. Through archive footage and extended interviews, [Troublemakers] masterfully captures the why and how of these sacred terrestrial forms." - Christopher Bollen, Interview Magazine

"Isolation may be the essence of land art, as the director and art historian James Crump says, but if the soaring views of earthworks — straddling canyons; riddled with lightning — in his new documentary are any indication, the genre’s second nature is wonder." - Su Wu, New York Times Magazine

" These are works that are meant to be the next Great Serpent Mound or is quickly convinced that future generations of pilgrims will indeed head to the American desert like they do to the great churches of Europe." - Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian

"Fascinating archival footage and interviews from back then and today." - Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice

"A fast-paced, engaging film. At a time when you can look up the coordinates of these artworks on your iPhone, instead of having to make a desert pilgrimage as was required back in the '70s, it may be even more important to look at this lost age." - Patrick Sisson, Curbed

"Some of the most momentous recent art on Earth was made with earth itself: golden crust from a desert mesa, imposing loads of dark brown dirt, piles of spiraling rocks arranged in a lake. All of those and other terrestrial offerings rank as materials on survey in the new documentary 'Troublemakers,' which presents land art as a phenomenon fit for appreciation on the silver screen." - Andy Battaglia, The Wall Street Journal

"There’s a visual magnificence to Troublemakers … makes you want to visit those places while there’s still time."
- David D'Arcy,