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Filmmaker Bio


Rolf Bickel was born in Heilbronn, West Germany in 1950. He studied philosophy, sociology, history and German language and literature at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. During and after his studies he worked on current affairs features for the Hessian Radio evening program. 

Since 1984, Bickel has worked on over 150 films, reports, documentations and features on current social and historic themes for the local Hessian public television station HR, the European television station ARTE and other German television stations. Bickel is a South East Asia expert and has visited many conflict zones and developing countries. 

Selected Filmography
2005 Verdict on Auschwitz: The Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial 1963-1965 (short version)
1998-2005 Over fifty short reports about daily life in Germany
1998 Beautiful New World: Idaho, the Potato Country
1997 China the Long Way to Modernity, (series: Live under the Red Flag)
1995 Tran Asia – On the Street of the Tigers (4 parts)
1993 Thematic Evening: Vietnam - The Real End of the War (2 parts) 
1993 The Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial - Case Number 4 Ks 2/63, 3-part documentary (long version)
1992 When Suddenly Everything Changed…
1990 Weidauer – A German Life
1989 I Will Stay a Pacifist
1987 Robert M.W. Kempner: A Life against Injustice (2 parts)



Dietrich Wagner, born in 1940, has worked as an editor for the daily paper Frankfurter Rundschau and at the Hessian public television station HR. Wagner was awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize in 1966 for one of the first German television talk shows, which was broadcast from the newly-founded Hessian Television station from 1964 to 1970. For the last five years, he has worked as the Frankfurt correspondent of ARD television’s daily news program. After long years working as a political advisor, he has worked as a freelance television writer, working on feature productions for Hessian public television, ARD, and ARTE since 1985. 

Selected Filmography
2005 Verdict on Auschwitz - The Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial 1963-1965 (short version)
2002 Thematic Evening: Gambling, Very Special Taxes 
2002 The Big Robbery
2000 Thematic Evening: Rumors, Secrets and Intrigues, 
1996 My Job Was always German
1993 The Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial - Case Number 4 Ks 2/63, 3-part documentary (long version)
1989 A Dream in Gold and Brown
1988 Lost Property – The Early Television Makers
1986-1990 The Way of Hesse after 1945