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Read the feature story in The Jewish Press.

The greatest German film on the subject [of the Holocaust]. Provides not only substantial pieces of testimony from survivors but an extraordinary variety of documentary evidence. The recent conference, of Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites, and other fools has made the truth necessary once again.”
- David Denby, The New Yorker

Startling, necessary… juxtaposes archival footage and postwar material (both 1963 and 1993) to produce shocking eruptions of past atrocities in the context of an orderly everyday Europe.” - Village Voice

“Grade A! Perhaps the fullest-scaled documentary on the Holocaust since Shoah… as both historical document and human document, this 180-minute epic is infinitely valuable.” - Christian Science Monitor

“Power(ful)…serves as a reminder that Hollywood treatments of the Holocaust, as excellent as some of them have been, are no match for the unvarnished reality. - New York Times

“Uses unheard audiotapes of camp survivors and SS men to construct a portrait … of a vast, self-sustaining ecosystem of sadism and greed…This is what every human with the potential to wield unchecked power should know: that we are capable of anything. - New York Magazine

“Riveting…a landmark in film, and a milestone the history of Germany.
- AM New York

“Monumental! Provides a chilling reminder of how seemingly civilized societies can lapse into madness. Verdict on Auschwitz is a powerful condemnation of evil.” - Film Threat

“It’s hard to imagine any viewer leaving dissatisfied … gripping … as a compilation of evidence, this is damningly complete. - Time Out New York

“A skillful interlacing of period footage, documents and interviews … grimly compelling …genuinely shocking even now. - Jewish Weekly

"No single documentary film better captures the history of Auschwitz. This film reveals more about the workings, mindset, and logic of mass murder than any film I know.”
- Prof. James E. Young, Dept. of Judaic and Near Eastern Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst

The history of Auschwitz as it has never been told before.”
- Prof. Rebecca Wittmann, Department of History, University of Toronto

This documentary represents a cinematic and historic achievement that cannot be overstated. The filmmakers bring the historic trial to life again in its many overlapping voices – including those of the perpetrators, whose deviousness was exemplified for the world in these proceedings.” - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung