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DEIRDRE TIMMONS, Writer/Director

Delighting in the juxtaposition of light and dark themes, musicals, comedy, and true stories that enlighten, educate and entertain, Deirdre Timmons made her directorial debut with the feature-length documentary, A Wink and a Smile. Timmons has been an award-winning journalist for the past 15 years in Seattle. She now writes, directs, edits and produces full-time for the company she founded in 2007, Golden Echo Films.

PETER WAWERU, Director of Photography

Combining the skills of a photographer and an artist, Peter Waweru’s cinematic abilities guarantee that no matter what he’s shooting, he captures visual poetry in each shot. Waweru began his career as a photojournalist covering breaking news and feature stories in East and Central Africa. He was the director of photography for A Wink and a Smile and numerous short films. Waweru specializes in photography, cinematography, graphic design and editing for Golden Echo.


Jack Timmons hails from a background in aerospace and high-tech. As a director at Microsoft, Timmons spearheaded new product developments and boasts business acumen that is as flexible as it is solid. He recently completed the Producing Program at UCLA after producing A Wink and a Smile. Timmons handles business development and producing for Golden Echo.