Cast and Credits
Filmmaker Bio
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Cast and Crew

Director Deirdre Allen Timmons
Directors of Photography Peter Waweru, Marie Joëlle Rizk
Producers Jack Timmons, Deirdre Allen Timmons
Associate Producer Abigail Carter
Editors Deirdre Allen Timmons, Peter Waweru

Miss Indigo Blue
The Shanghai Pearl
Featured Performers
(in order of appearance)
Miss Indigo Blue
The Shanghai Pearl
Tamara the Trapeze Lady
The Swedish Housewife
Waxie Moon
Vienna le Rouge
Lily Verlaine
Kitten la Rue
Inga Ingénue
Ernie von Schmaltz

The Students Diane Bruch
Casey Ellison
Janie Hanson
Megan Keller
Amy Klar
Vicky R. Moczi
Christi Jo Petrucelli
Sara Robinson
Rachel Shimp
Tami Veralund

Shadow Dancing by

Babette la Fave
Also Featuring
(in order of appearance)
Tana the Tattooed Lady
Wes Brockbank
Daisy Cutter
Lydia Mclane
Belle Cozette
Fanny in Flames
Ruby Mimosa
Lucky Penny
Kaleb Hagan-Kerr
Evilin Saint Claire


Camera Operators

Christian Hansen, Brian McMillan, Suzie Rudloff

Sound Recordist Matt Sheldon
Additional Sound Recording Dennis Schweitzer
Color Correction and Sound Sweetening

Brin Addison, Hype Schwartz Productions

Production Assistant KC Lynch

Assistant to the Director

Elena Windgate

Still Photography

Marcus Donner
Live Musical Performances by Orchestra l’Pow! Featuring

The Swedish Housewife on vocals
Kaleb Hagan-Kerr on vocals
Loren Dutton on guitar
Dain Hudson on drums
Tim Sharpe on bass
Josh Clifford on sax